What is Pollhunt?



Pollhunt is the panel or community for people where we invite consumers with different backgrounds to share their opinion by participating in the surveys about various topics. By sharing your opinion through surveys, you are helping the organizations who need your opinion to improve their products or services.


How do I Join?



You can join by visiting & register yourself.


Is it free to Join?

Yes, It's absolutely free to join.

Am I eligible to participate?


Everyone who joins Pollhunt panel is eligible to take surveys based on their profile & earn rewards associated to that.

What do I get in return?



You earn reward points associated to the surveys on completing them & can redeem those points to get the rewards in the form of E-Gift Cards sent to your registered email id for onlnie shopping or money transferred to your PayPal Account.


What if I do not have PayPal account?




If you do not have the PayPal account you can still participate in the surveys & earn the survey points which can be redeemed later after creating Paypal account. However, If we are offering E-Gift Cards then you do not need a Paypal account.

When can I redeem the points?


You can redeem the points after accumulating 1500 survey points. You can get more information on the rewards page after logging in. 

How do I participate in the surveys?




You will get the invitation for the surveys through the e-mails on the e-mail ID you used during registration. You can also take the surveys after logging into your Pollhunt Account & pick the surveys from the list under the "Available Surveys" box on your Dashboard.


How many surveys can I participate in?


You can participate in as many surveys as you want. However, you can attempt each survey only once.

How can I get more surveys to participate?


You should keep your profile updated by providing most updated & genuine basic profile details. Also, you must share your genuine opinion in the surveys.

How do I update my Profile?


You can update or change your profile by logging in your Pollhunt Account & edit profile on "My Account" page.


Is my personal information shared?


We keep your personal information strictly confidential.


How can I contact or ask if any question?



You can always ask any query & share your feedback by saving your message on "Message" page in your Pollhunt Account. You can also reach us at


How do I cancel my Pollhunt Account?


You can submit your request to cancel your account by visiting "Cancel Account" page in your Pollhunt Account.


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